Teaching Your Teens How to Care About Their Actions in the World

Teaching Your Teens How to Care About Their Actions in the WorldCaring About Our World: Teaching Your Teens Compassion, Awareness and Balance

We live in a society where bullying is all too common, and most of us are growing numb to the constant violence we regularly see on the evening news. If you’re worried about the way things are going, you’re not alone. It’s now more important than ever to teach our children compassion. Not only will it make the future better for everyone, but it will also cultivate teen self esteem.

Teen Esteem: Teaching Love and Positivity in a Negative World

Dealing with the dark aspects of the current political and social climate is tough no matter where your teens are on the spectrum. Teen issues with depression are common, and some teens may feel helpless about the future. Others might be too stuck in their own personal dramas to notice current events. Your aim as a parent is to help your kids become productive, compassionate members of society who play an active role in making the world a better place without letting it drag them down.

Avoiding Teen Issues: Limiting the News While Caring About Our World

If your teen is interested in the news, you’re already doing something right. It’s great that your teen is engaged with the world around her, but you want to teach that balance and self-care are equally important. Watch the evening headlines together, and have a discussion afterwards, but don’t let current events be the dominant topic at all times. When discussing serious situations like politics or terrorism, keep the focus on personal empowerment and what your teen can do to help make the world a better place.

The Right Track: Inspiring Compassion in an Apathetic Teen

If your teen doesn’t seem to care, don’t beat yourself up. It often takes kids a while to develop empathy. You can fuel the development of that compassionate side by planning family events centered around volunteer work. Getting involved in the local community is a great way to improve teen self esteem. As your teen begins to meet people her own age who are also getting involved, she will be influenced by others who are caring about our world.

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