Technology and Teens: What Parents Should Look Out For?

Technology and TeensWhat should parents look for with issues around technology and their teens?

These days, there’s no separation between technology and teens. Up to 92 percent of teens report getting online at least once a day. The majority use the internet more often than that, visiting social sites like Instagram and Facebook every few minutes as they go throughout their daily activities.

Teens Issues and Social Media: The Problems that Can Arise with Technology and Teens

1. Comparison

Research has shown that teen boys tend to use Facebook the most, but teen girls gravitate toward social sites based on visual media, such as Instagram. These sites are full of images of rich, beautiful teens driving around in expensive cars, shopping at nice stores or posing for pics with perfect lighting and camera angles. When a young girl is continually bombarded with imagery showing unattainable perfection, it can begin to wear at her self-esteem.

2. Oversharing

This issue extends beyond technology and teens. It’s a huge problem for adults as well. It’s 2017, and people still don’t seem to realize that what goes on the internet, stays on the internet. Not only do teens tend to overshare private dramas or issues in romance and friendship, but they also reveal personal information that could put their lives at risk.

A 2012 survey found that nearly all 600 teen participants had revealed their locations, school names and birthdays to total strangers online. A predator could use this information to stalk or even kidnap a vulnerable teen.

3. A Disconnect from Life

The need to constantly impress others on social media can disconnect a human being from the process of life. How is it possible to live in the moment and enjoy oneself if every single experience has to be filmed, displayed on Snapchat and photographed from a number of angles? If parents don’t make teaching healthy balance a priority, we are going to end up with more problems than we already have.

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