Teen Addictions: Keeping a Watchful EyeTeen Addiction

Teenage drug use is a major concern for parents. Research has shown that the earlier someone begins using drugs, the greater the likelihood that they’ll develop long-term addiction. Teens are struggling with all varieties of drug use, from abusing cannabis to getting hooked on opioid drugs.

However, drugs aren’t the only concern, and when you think about the above statement in reference to phones, the internet, and social media, it becomes even more frightening. Generation Z, which follows the millennials, was born into a world with social media already established. These kids have never known a reality that didn’t include profiles, likes, and followers. It makes sense that these kids couldn’t imagine a life without social media, but it’s your job as a parent to make sure your child doesn’t become addicted.

Managing Teen Addictions: A Parent’s Guidance

Teens are old enough to begin making their own choices, so as parents, we can’t control their every move. Teenage drug use can never be accepted, but what about things like social media?

You can encourage breaks from social media by having dinner as a family every night and deeming your kitchen table a phone-free zone. You can also request that the phones are turned off and stored away by a certain time each night. It’s important for teens to avoid phone usage before bed anyway. Research has shown that it can interfere with a good night’s rest.

Teen Issues with Addiction: What to Watch Out For

Addiction will change a person, so if you notice sudden shifts in your teen’s mood or personality, something might be up. Watch for red flags, such as losing interest in beloved activities, suffering from a loss of appetite, or slipping in school. If your teen seems distressed and panicked at the idea of being away from social media, it could be a sign of internet addiction.

If you’re worried about teen addictions, a mother-daughter retreat could provide the perfect opportunity to break from your normal routine and discuss the problem in a supportive, one-on-one environment. Retreats are held in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, where the stunning natural landscape and peaceful energy provide the perfect atmosphere for an honest talk.

For more information on addiction, teen issues, and our retreats, please contact me today.

If you need help with your teens issues, consider scheduling a mother-daughter retreat or mentoring. Our retreats provide a safe space for your daughter to speak her mind with your full love and support.

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