Teen Issues with Casual Sex

Is there a teen issue with casual sex?

Of all possible teen issues, sex is high on the list of concerns that keep a parents up at night. While attitudes about sex have always grown more liberal over time, we didn’t always have the internet. Thanks to hookup apps like Tinder, most teens can find a sex partner in a matter of minutes.

Teen Issues with Sex and Love

A 2014 study from the Journal of Sex Research found that casual sex had negative effects on psychological wellness. It’s easier to label sex as meaningless than it is to admit that rejection hurts, and it seems this has become a societal trend. Teens might act like casual sex is no big deal, but it’s harming them in ways they can’t even imagine. If your daughter spends her formative teen years letting people use her for her body, how can she possibly be prepared for dating as an adult? How will she find a partner who values her for who she is?

Teaching Sexual Morals and Self-esteem

Attempting to pass sexual morality down to your teens is tricky. For one, it’s simply awkward to discuss. Secondly, if you push too hard and place too many restrictions on dating, your kids are likely to rebel. Lastly, if you don’t say enough, your kids might not even realize there’s anything wrong with casual sex.

You can try your hardest to keep your kids off their phones, but if they want to have casual sex, they’ll probably find a way to do it, and even if you do manage to control them during their teen years, they’ll likely go wild as soon as they become adults.

This is an area where having a mentor can help. If you can find your teen a mentor who has strong sexual morals and a willingness to discuss the importance of such things, it’ll go a long way. You can ask a respected aunt or friend to bring the subject up, or you can consider a professional mentor.

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