Teen Issues with Makeup: How Much is Too Much? 

Even if you’re the type to spend half your bonus on expensive mascara, you still might cringe watching your daughter cake her face with far more product than she needs. Teen issues with makeup are common, but any criticisms about her appearance won’t go over well. If you want to help push her in the right direction, there are a few things you can do.

Focus on Skincare to Cultivate Teen Esteem

If your daughter is struggling with acne, she might feel tempted to layer on the foundation, which could be making the problem worse. Rather than pointing out the acne or the makeup issue, cultivate an interest in skincare instead. Shop for the latest serums and potions together, have a girl’s night where you watch movies and do facials, and consider a dermatologist if the acne problem worsens. The better your daughter feels about her skin, the less she’ll need to hide behind makeup.

Discuss Appropriate Looks

There are times when it’s appropriate to use dark, sparkly makeup. Prom night would be a good example. Help your daughter understand the difference between an understated day look and a dressy look, and make sure she knows what’s appropriate for school. At the same time, give her as much freedom as you can. The idea is to guide, not force. If you push too hard, she’ll likely rebel and layer on even more the second she’s out of sight.

Teen esteem often goes up and down throughout the high school years. Social dynamics can change in a heartbeat. Your daughter might be on top of the world one year and having a rough time the next, so if you notice a sudden change, such as her going from a fresh-faced tomboy to a smoky-eyed stranger overnight, sit down to discuss the nature of the shift.

It’s possible that she simply developed a new interest and felt like changing her look, which is common for developing teens. It’s also possible that these are signs of a problem, and you won’t know unless you keep communication open.

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