Meditation can have life-changing result! Teen Meditation: A Life-changing Practice

As teens grow, they’re always being told about the importance of avoiding teen issues and staying focused on preparing for college. They’re told how difficult life is going to be and how hard they’ll have to work to achieve their dreams. Parents often think they’re doing the right thing by preparing their children for the harsh realities of life. However, they often fail to equip them with the skills that would benefit them the most.

Providing a Valuable Life Skill by Teaching Teen Meditation

Everyone is aware that practices like meditation and yoga are beneficial to the human body and mind. For many people, the advice to meditate goes in one ear and out the other.

People shy away from the practice for a variety of reasons. They may assume that it will bore them. They might doubt that something as simple as sitting in a quiet place and focusing on one’s breath could be that beneficial. It takes time and effort to begin seeing a meditation practice pay off. Getting teens on the path of mindfulness at a young age should be a priority.


Meditation helps a person become aware of their own thoughts. Teen meditation is therefore particularly valuable. A teen’s brain isn’t fully developed yet, so practicing mindfulness during these years can have an intense positive effect. Not only will meditation help your teen gain a better understanding of themselves, but it can also ensure that the practice of meditation will come naturally throughout adulthood.

Staying Calm Under Pressure

Teen stress levels are higher than ever. Along with typical teen issues like dating, homework, and college, today’s teens are also worried about maintaining a social media presence. Many are getting into activism and considering their role in society. Thanks to the digital age, which connects us with more information than ever, today’s teens have a heavy weight on their shoulders.

Meditation can help a frazzled teen learn to process this onslaught of information in a healthy way. Over time, your teen will learn to take the bad with the good and let go of things they can’t control.

Would you like more information about soothing teen stress with meditation? A retreat is a great place to begin a spiritual practice. Contact me today to learn more about our retreats for moms and daughters in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

These retreats create a sacred and private space to work through tough issues as mother and daughter. We can discuss teen anxiety, teen self esteem, and other issues that might be causing pain in your daughter’s world and yours.

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