Teen Self-Esteem

How important is it for you to nurture your teens self-esteem?

The best way to help your teen develop a sense of self is to teach them how to make good decisions in their life. When teens make good decisions, managing their Teen Self-Esteemlife, they feel better about who they are. I want to introduce you to two of my online programs to help teens with their esteem issues and to help parents to show up for their teens in a conscious way.

When parents react to their teens making mistakes, teens will feel badly about their mistake and beat themselves up and lower their self worth. So the one online program teaches parents how to respond to their teen, not react. When parents react, they shame their teens and damage their teens sense of self.  The idea is to help teens learn how to make good decisions for themselves, without them beating themselves up too badly.

I’m having a summer special on both programs: 4 Weeks To Teen Self Esteem and 4 Weeks To Connect with Your Teen. They are both easy online programs that take about 15 minutes to read and then you can practice during the week. Click on the programs to purchase.



My Feet Aren't Ugly book by Debra Beck.


If you want your daughter to have a better sense of self, check out my award winning book, My Feet Aren’t Ugly, A Girl’s Guide To Loving Herself From The Inside Out. Amazon.com

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