Teen STI’s

Teen Issues with Sex: Discussing the Dangers Teen STDs

Most parents probably wish that teen issues with sex were uncommon, but that isn’t the case. Statistics show that people between the ages of 15 and 24 account for 50 percent of all new STI’s. Up to 46 percent of American high schoolers have had sexual intercourse. This means that if you’re not giving your teens the facts about sex, you should be.

Decide Your Stance

There’s no one right answer when it comes to educating your kids on sex. Your views, religious beliefs, and relationship with your teens will all affect how this conversation goes. Before you sit down to have the talk, make sure you’re clear on your stance. Are you willing to help your daughter gain access to birth control? Will you hand out condoms to ensure your teens stay safe? You need to provide education, but how far you want to go in supporting safe sex is up to you.

Keep it Simple

There are a lot of things you’d rather be doing than talking to your teens about sex. This is a necessary discomfort that you’ll both need to get through. The best thing you can do is keep it short and sweet. Let your teens know the risks and how to avoid the dangers. Provide them with condoms if you feel comfortable doing that. How you want to handle the issue is up to you as a parent, but do something. Don’t avoid the topic until you’re forced to discuss it due to unpleasant circumstances.

Give Real Examples

Gather some blogs, Youtube videos, and articles that show the devastating results of unsafe sex. Youtube videos are a good route to take because kids in this generation look up to these online influencers. If you can find an influencer sharing a story about teen STD’s, it might make a big impact on your teen.

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