Common Issues That Cause Teen Stress Teen Stress

Most parents are on the lookout for behavioral problems, but you need to keep an eye out for signs of teen anxiety as well. Not every teen is comfortable opening up about the struggle. Some teens might not even realize they’re suffering until the problems begin to get to them.

The Need to Overachieve

If you have a little overachiever at home, you’re probably counting your blessings. Every parent fears teen issues showing up at some point, so seeing your child performing great in school, taking part in extracurricular activities and looking ahead to the future can be thrilling. However, be sure to watch for signs of stress. Taking on too many activities can sometimes be too much for a growing teen.

The Desire to Fit In

Teen anxiety over wanting to fit in is common. Some teens make fitting in a priority, which means they’ll go out of their way to please everyone. A teen who wants to be included and always fit in with every group of peers may struggle with teen issues like anxiety or succumbing to the pressure to use drugs and alcohol.

The Weight of the World

In the past few years, political issues in the United States have become far more divisive, causing a lot of teen stress. The situation has also caused more young people to pay attention and begin involving themselves in the world, which is a wonderful thing. The downside is that some sensitive, compassionate teens might take on too much of the burden, worrying themselves half to death about the future of the world.

The Comparisons to Others

With the varying rates at which different teens mature and the mounting pressure to look attractive on social media, it’s easy to understand why some teens feel left in the dust. If your teen hasn’t blossomed yet, she might suffer terrible stress when comparing herself to friends who’ve already matured.

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