Teen Troubles with Divorce: Helping with a Rough Transition

Teen Troubles with Divorce: Helping with a Rough Transition Teen Troubles with Divorce: Helping with a Rough Transition

Divorce is common these days, but that doesn’t mean teens don’t still suffer when their parents choose to call it quits. If you’re facing the end of your marriage, it’s important to consider the effects this transition will have on every member of the family.

A Huge Change: Dealing with Teen Guilt Over Divorce

Teens often blame themselves for divorce. Even if they don’t experience guilt, they may wonder why they aren’t deserving of a stable family. They may take on the pain their parents are feeling and worry about how the family will manage in the future. Teen troubles are hard enough. The weight of these adult problems can be too much for a sensitive teen. You can help your kids through this rough transition by following a few simple steps.


Teens are more aware than parents realize. There’s likely been a lot of conflict leading up to the decision to divorce, so the news may not be surprising to them. This doesn’t mean they aren’t worried. They likely have many concerns about where they will live and other changes that may occur as a result of the divorce. When you break the news, be prepared to share as much information about the upcoming changes as you can. Keeping your teens in the know will provide some comfort.


Kids deal with divorce differently. Some may experience teen guilt, and others may experience anger toward their parents for giving up. For some, news of a divorce may be a relief. If your relationship has been especially turbulent, and you and your spouse have both been noticeably unhappy, then your teen may be glad to see you both finally moving on.

As a parent, the best thing you can do is to be understanding no matter how your teen reacts. If they’re angry, give them time and space to process those feelings. If they’re sad, let them know you understand. If they’re mature and supportive, let them know it’s okay to be upset. Make sure they know you’re available anytime they’d like to talk.

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