Teenage Issues With Drugs: Major Warning Signs

When it comes to teenage issues, drug abuse is one of the biggest concerns for parents. Drug abuse and addiction are very real problems for a number of teens, and unless you know what you’re looking for, you could easy shrug off the warning signs.teenage issues

1. Major Changes in Appetite

If you’ve noticed a big change in the way your teen eats, something could be going on. Most parents are familiar with marijuana-induced munchies, but certain drugs, such as the amphetamines, can also cause a startling decrease in appetite. Binging, skipping meals or dieting could be a sign of an eating disorder or potential drug use, so these symptoms should never be ignored.

2. Acting Suspicious

It’s natural for teens to want some ownership over their space, so expecting you to knock before entering their bedroom is acceptable. If there’s an obvious panic and scramble to hide something before you walk in, you’ll know that you need to investigate further.

3. Struggles in School

There are many reasons that a student might start struggling to complete school work, such as depression, bullying, simply not understanding the material or other teen issues. However, if your teen begins to fall behind on schoolwork and you notice other suspicious symptoms, you might have a problem on your hands.

4. Hanging Out with a New Crowd

Many teens begin abusing drugs after finding a new group of friends. It’s natural for teens to want to experiment with new things. It’s also natural for them to want to show off and look cool in front of new friends, which is a dangerous combination. As a parent, it’s difficult to imagine something negative could be occurring when your teen is finally gaining the popularity they always wanted, but a sudden change in behavior right after joining a new crowd could be a bad sign.

If you notice signs that your teen might be using drugs, your first step will be to sit down and talk. Try to avoid using an accusatory tone. Many different teen issues can cause symptoms similar to drug abuse, and it might really hurt your child’s feelings to be accused of something they didn’t do. Instead, ask questions and be willing to listen, even if the answers are hard to hear.

If you suspect your teen is using drugs, lets talk about your options!

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