Teens and Guns: The Importance of Staying Safe Is your home gun safe?

The rise in mass shootings over the last few years has started a national dialogue about guns. People are frightened, but the possibility of being killed by a terrorist gunman is relatively low. The far greater threat is being injured or killed by a gun that belongs to you.

Parent Responsibility: Do You Know Where Your Guns Are?

Every day, eight children or teens are accidentally killed or hurt due to an unsupervised gun. Most of these tragedies are entirely preventable. Parent responsibility and gun ownership go hand in hand, but far too many parents assume their kids know better than to mess with a gun.

There’s a good reason that expecting teens to practice gun responsibility is unreasonable. A teen brain has yet to fully develop, which makes adolescents especially prone to making terrible decisions. If you keep a loaded or unlocked gun in the house, it’s wise to assume that your kids are curious about it. Even if they show no interest in guns, they may still want to impress their friends by showing it off one day. An innocent situation can turn into a deadly tragedy in a split second.

Gun Ownership: Are Your Kids Safe?

Practicing responsible gun ownership is the only true way to protect your family. Guns and ammo should be stored in two separate locations, and both locations should be locked. The key should be kept in a place your teen can’t get to it. Consider keeping the key with you. A gun safe won’t do any good if your child is aware of where you hide the key. Teens are smart, and they’re aware of more than we think they are.

Along with keeping your guns out of reach, it’s important to sit down and discuss gun safety with your kids. You can talk about staying safe with guns in the home and what to do if another teen has a gun or is threatening to harm others.

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