Teens, How To Raise Your Self Esteem

Teenage Self Esteem: It Takes EffortHow To Raise Your Self Esteem

If you’re a teen who wants to learn how to raise your self esteem, you’re not alone. If self-worth developed on its own, so many adults would not be suffering from low confidence. If you want to develop your teen self esteem, you will need to take full responsibility for who you are.

Understanding Teenage Self Esteem: What it Looks Like

A person with strong self-worth:

  • Knows who they are and what they would like to get from life.
  • Has a solid moral code and treats others with kindness and respect.
  • Maintains compassion for themselves and a respect for their body and health.
  • Understands that people make mistakes and is able to form a new plan when things go wrong.
  • Has healthy boundaries and doesn’t accept abuse or mistreatment from others.

How to Raise Your Self Esteem: A Teen’s Plan

The way to develop confidence and a strong sense of self is to simply begin practicing. Watch your manners and how you treat others. Watch the way you carry yourself and pay attention to your inner voice. Are the thoughts you have about yourself kind and compassionate? What about the thoughts you have about others? Internal dialogue can be just as harmful as the things you say out loud. Always work to maintain an internal and external image of the person you would like to be.

Another easy way to begin developing yourself as a person is to help others. Look for local volunteer work through your church, school or community center, and keep a look out for anyone who might need your help. Maybe there’s a student at your school who always sits alone at lunch, or someone else you’ve noticed always gets bullied during one of your classes. Not only will stepping in make you feel good about the person you are, but it will also make you shine in the eyes of your peers. Being unafraid to stand out is a key component in teenage self esteem.


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