The Importance of a Father Figure

Finding Strong Male Role Models for TeensThe Importance of a Father Figure

It’s best for kids to have both male and female role models in their lives. Strong role models can help kids avoid facing serious teen issues that often occur because of low self-esteem. This includes things like drug problems, falling in with the wrong crowd, or getting into legal trouble. However, due to family issues and other problems, not every child ends up with a father in their lives. If you’re a single mother who is struggling with parenting teens on your own, you need a creative way to bring supportive male energy into your teenagers’ lives.

1. Lean on Family

If you have extended family in the area, don’t be afraid to reach out to trusted male cousins, brothers, uncles, or friends of the family. If you live far away and are only able to see these family members once in a while, consider moving closer. This isn’t possible for everyone, but it could be a good way to nurture your support network and help your kids have a stronger relationship with the male members of the family.

2. Reach into the Community

Getting involved in church is an excellent way to help your kids have more male influences. If you’re not religious, consider getting involved in the community in another way. Taking part in volunteer activities together can help your kids meet good role models as well as become good role models themselves.

3. Get Involved in Sports

Not every kid wants to be involved in sports, but if yours are showing an interest, their involvement might help them meet some positive role models. Coaches push kids to be the best they can be, which can help avoid teen issues that arise from boredom and not being challenged enough. Many young men and women look up to their male coaches and see them as role models.

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