The Importance of Allowing Your Teen to Feel

The Importance of Allowing Your Teen to FeelProcessing Emotions to Avoid Teen Frustration: Does Your Child Know How to Feel?

Does your teen know how to feel? This might seem like a strange question, but the ability to truly feel is less common than you might think. Most people only feel their emotions when they boil over, usually in the form of anger or frustration. As a parent, you already know that teen frustration isn’t fun to deal with, but the problem goes beyond the possibility of a momentary temper tantrum. Teens who never learn to connect to their emotions will struggle in future relationships. Rather than passively moving through life, your teen can choose to engage in feeling in a deep and proactive way.

Society teaches us to numb and ignore our emotions by constantly seeking out activities that make us feel good, such as food, television and video games. This same tendency to always want to feel good is also what leads many people into drug and alcohol addiction, which demonstrates the importance of teaching our kids to process their emotions from a young age.

Life is Supposed to Hurt

The fact is that life is not supposed to be easy. We’re here to learn and grow, and we can only do that by facing and working through a variety of challenges. This idea that we’re constantly supposed to feel happy is being perpetuated by doctors who prescribe antidepressants to anyone having a tough time. While these medications certainly have their uses, many patients go to the doctor expecting them because they don’t believe they should ever have to feel sad.

Emotions Can Lead to Solutions

Teach your teen that her emotions are her greatest source of power. When people deeply connect to how they feel, they tend to learn what they truly want. By celebrating feeling instead of running from it, we can not only strengthen ourselves but also find the solutions we need to move forward.

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