The Prom and Teenage Girls

The Prom is right around the corner and the anxiety is building. Teenage girls are out buying  new dresses, the perfect shoes, having their hair done, and their make-up. Don’t forget your nails! What about having enough money.

Are you forgetting something, “OH, a date”.  It’s seems so stressful. Thank goodness it’s a bit different now than when I was a teenager. You actually don’t even need a date to go. I love that, even though most girls would probably admit they would prefer having one. 

This is when having teenage girls self-esteem and confidence comes in handy.

Here are some tips to lowering stress during Prom season.

  • Shop early for a dress and shoes.
  • If you can’t afford a dress, borrow one.
  • Get together with your friends and get ready and help each other with make-up, hair and nails, it cuts costs.
  • Let go of the idea of having to go to the Prom with the perfect guy, it’s okay to go with a guy friend.
  • If you don’t get invited, gather up your friends and make it a party.
  • Go to the Prom and enjoy yourself.

Just remember not to take it to seriously, and just have fun.

Keep Loving Yourself, and developing your self-esteem, Debra

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