We actually believe that our cell phone keep us connected to each other but it’s quite the opposite. We have become so obsessed with our phones that we can’t seem to be without them or be off them, even when we are with the people we care about. What is this about? I really thing we need to look at obsession or addition closer.


Having Coffee

Get together at a restaurant

Enjoying a beautiful museum

Enjoying Sushi with a good friend


Teenagers enjoying a day at the beach


At the stadium supporting their team


Friends appreciate the city in a convertible


This is so typical of what I see out in the world. We have become so disconnected from each other through our cell phones and we don’t even know it. I am asking you to take a challenge. Text all of your friends and family and let them know that for the next 2 days you will only be using your phone for emergencies. If they absolutely need to get a hold of you, it’s okay, or if they want to ask you to get together face-to-face without cell phones, that’s okay too. Keep your phone off while you are hanging out with friends and really talk to the person you are in front of.

See what your life feels like without the dependence of this toy that claims to connect you to people you care about but actually does the opposite. Let me know what it feels like, good or bad.

Parents, cell phones have become a real concern for you, I know because I talk to parents about it all the time. They say their teens can’t put the phone down ever. They are texting or surfing the internet during school, at dinner and at the wee hours of the night. It’s crazy! It’s up to you to stop it! I just mentored a parent that is going to ask her teens to hand in their phones after school and while they are spending time with each other. You may get a lot of resistance from your teen at first, but it is to help them be more present in their lives.

Take this challenge as a family. 2 Days, only emergencies with your cell phone. It might be harder on some of the parents too.

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