What Does Social Distancing Look Like for our TeensTeen Issues with Social Distancing: How Can We Help Our Kids Through This?

Socializing with peers is an important part of a teen’s life. As the world comes together to deal with corona virus, parents are stuck at home with frustrated kids. If you’re wondering how to help your child cope with the situation, you’re not alone.

Locked Down: Controlling Rebellious Teenagers

Teens aren’t the easiest people to control. If you’ve ever had your son or daughter sneak out while grounded, you already know that. Corona virus creates a unique and challenging situation for parents. When kids sneak out to be with their friends, it’s no longer a matter of disrespect or breaking the rules. It’s life and death.

Parents of college students are helpless. Their kids are legal adults who don’t have to respond to orders from their parents. As the parent of a teen, you still have control. It won’t be easy, but you’ll need to put your foot down and keep your kids at home.

Helping Kids Through Corona Virus: The Negative Effects of Isolation

Teens are at a stage of their lives in which social circles feel like the most important aspect of existence. Even if they understand the need for social distancing, they may struggle with it. Leaving school and losing extracurricular activities can be devastating for a teen. Add in the fact that they can no longer visit with friends, and we have a recipe for depression on our hands.

We must make sure our kids understand the situation. Yet, we also don’t want to overload them with frightening information. Keep up with the news, but don’t leave the television on a news station all day. Instead, focus on lighthearted movies or fun activities that everyone can take part in at home, such as cooking and games.

You can also encourage long-distance socialising. This isn’t the time to be hard on your teen about phone usage. Allow extra phone calls or video chats. Ask your teens what they need to feel connected to their friends and loved ones, and then do everything you can to provide support.

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