When Mothers and Daughters are Too Similar: Work Through Issues at a Relaxing Sedona Retreat

Do you have a daughter that you always seem to clash with? Are you a daughter whose mom drives you up the wall? Have you ever asked yourself if it’s because the two of you are so much alike?

Dealing with a close relative who is much like yourself is frustrating for many reasons. Seeing yourself in others can be triggering. You might feel helpless when you see your daughter making the same mistakes you made at her age. If you’re a daughter, you might see your mom living out your greatest fears, such as accepting less than she deserves in her career or marriage. Sometimes, we see things that bother us, and we have a hard time understanding why.

Mother daughter retreats can provide you with the tools you need to recognize your similarities and learn to take them into account when responding to each other.

Serene Sanctuary: A Place to Nurture the Mother Daughter Relationship

Some retreats are designed for groups, but this retreat is one-on-one, very personal. Mothers and daughters can have the comfort and privacy they need to focus only on each other.

In a private environment, nothing will hold you back. Devices will be turned off. Other people’s opinions will be forgotten. You can both focus on getting to the root of the issues that stand in your way. You’ll sort through feelings of resentment, anger and guilt. As you begin to see each other as human beings and realize all the ways you’re similar, a new level of trust and love will develop.

Along with therapeutic work on the relationship, the retreat will also provide plenty of time for other holistic therapies, such as sound healing, massage and meditation.

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