Why are you Entertaining your Teen?

Teen Anxiety: Learning the Value of Quiet Time Why are you Entertaining your Teen

People need quiet time to process their thoughts and emotions. In the modern world, most of us are reading, watching, listening, or otherwise interacting with some form of media at every hour of the day. If it’s not social media, it’s television. If it’s not television, it’s the internet. Teen anxiety is at an all-time high. Could this constant stimulation be part of the problem?

A Problem with Entitlement: Teen Issues with Entertainment

A huge part of the problem is that many people feel entitled to being entertained at all hours of the day. When a human being is constantly observing something outside of themselves, they’re left with little to no time to contemplate their own new ideas. Instead, they become a vessel that does little but absorb media. This type of lifestyle has a toxic effect on people of all ages, so imagine the effect it could have on the developing brain of a teenager?

Teen issues with boredom should be viewed as a positive thing. If your child is bored, it means they’re not being challenged enough. Boredom can lead to creativity, but for that to occur, the child must be left to work through the boredom on their own. Social media, television, and the internet are all used as a way to deal with boredom at the expense of self-development.

Teaching the Value of Quiet: Reducing Teen Anxiety through Meditation

A meditation practice can be life changing. We should be encouraging our teens to begin practicing at a young age. If you’re looking for a way to make a lifestyle change and inspire your teen to do the same, consider signing up for a mother-daughter retreat. When you’re looking to make a big change, it can be helpful to jump start the process by immersing yourself in a supportive environment. A retreat will help you and your daughter step away from the world of social media and focus on meditation and other practices that can promote self-esteem.

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