Why is it so Hard to be with our Feelings?

Emotion is a Sign of Strength: How Shunning Tears is Creating Teen Issues Why is it so Hard to be with our Feelings

As a society, we’re losing the ability to connect with our emotions, and it’s a frightening thing. How often have you overheard a parent telling their young child to stop crying? How often have you said this to your own kids?

The Shunning of Emotion and the Numbing of Feelings

Maybe you’ve never scolded your children for crying, but chances are that at some point in your life, you were told to toughen up, stop being so sensitive or stop being a “crybaby”. For many people, expressing emotion is seen as a sign of weakness. Thanks to the creation of antidepressant drugs, people are beginning to forget that sadness is a natural part of life. This isn’t to say that these medications have no legitimate uses, but these days, far too many parents are heading to doctors for the solution to teen issues rather than helping their teens get in touch with their emotions and solve these issues themselves.

Teen issues will continue to rise if our children are shamed for what they feel. Shamed children become emotionally stunted adults who get into toxic relationships and raise children who become even more emotionally stunted. It’s an ugly cycle, and it’s being made worse by both doctors and parents being too willing to medicate the symptoms without seeking alternative methods of healing first.

An Alternative Option for Healing a Troubled Teen

If you’re dealing with teen issues and struggling to figure out how to handle your son or daughter’s emotions, please hesitate before seeking medication. While these drugs can be helpful in certain cases, they also have serious side effects and can further damage brain chemistry, making it more difficult to ever live a normal life or feel emotions in a natural way. Other methods, such as talk therapy, mentoring, and mother-daughter retreats should be tested out before considering medication.

I offer mother daughter retreats and mentoring,  together, we can discuss how to not only process our feelings of sadness and anger in a healthy way but also utilize them for our benefit. If you’re interested in helping your teen be with her feelings, please contact me today.  

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“As a therapists and counselor, I learned So much from this retreat with my daughter. We love the peaceful serenity of the Sedona historic and, more than that Debra’s knowledge, passion, and compassion. We arrived a little bit apprehensive and left completely calm and at ease. Debra radiates love and light. If you are thinking about doing this retreat. Don’t hesitate, do it.”

-Amy, mom & Mia, daughter


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