A mother-daughter retreat can be an exciting milestone in your relationship with your teen. Sedona, Arizona is a great place to do a retreat thanks to the beautiful scenery, fresh air and progressive energy. Some people even believe the area has a vortex, an energetic phenomenon that tends to attract people with awakening minds.

What will You Learn on Your Mother-daughter Retreat?

There is no simple answer to that question. On your retreat, you and your daughter will have the opportunity to work through a number of problems you might be facing. There will be time to talk, write in a journal, meditate and process the fights and disagreements you’ve had in the past few months or years. I help the two of you step into each other’s reality and develop an understanding for each others situations. Your daughter will learn to know what it really means to hold herself accountable. She will strengthen her sense of self and learn to love herself more than ever. You will learn how to talk to your daughter to allow her to stay open to you.

What Else Can Be Gained from a Mother-daughter Retreat?


When you’re in Sedona for your retreat, you’ll have plenty of time to explore. Progressing your relationship with your daughter is about a lot more than just therapeutic work. It’s also simply about having fun and making memories together. While you’re in the area, be sure to:

  • Enjoy a hike at Cathedral Rock.
  • Spend an evening stargazing.
  • Explore the gift shops downtown.

Spending fun time together is a great way to process your therapeutic work as well. You’ll naturally discuss some of the things you’ve been doing, but you’ll also simply blow off steam and enjoy some laughs as mother and daughter. You might even be surprised and what your daughter reveals to you. Her entire attitude could change when she sees that you love her enough to do something like this for her.

I always add fun to the mother daughter retreat so it will be a most memorable moment.

If you would like more information about our mother-daughter retreats in Sedona, please contact me today. Together, we can discuss your unique challenges and come up with a plan that will maximize your retreat time.

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  1. Hello, your retreat looks amazing. My daughter is just turning 11 in June . Wiould this retreat be appropriate for us?
    My daughter is very mature in many ways and we are already having a strained teen/parent type of relationship;

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