Excerpt From the Revised & Updated Edition of My Feet Aren’t Ugly

My Feet Aren't Ugly Book

“A lot of people don’t feel confident and satisfied with themselves. How do you feel? Liking yourself gives you self esteem. Do you like yourself? Are you likable? When you like yourself, it gives you confidence and satisfaction. So, let’s figure out how to like yourself.”

First of all, it’s hard to like yourself if you are not likable. I don’t mean likable to other people as much as I mean likable to you. If you don’t like yourself, it equals Low self-esteem.

Most people look outside of them self to check in with how they look, if they’re likable, or if they are okay in the world.  The problem with this is that everybody in world has a different opinion about what good looks are, and what makes them like people.

So you’re going to be attractive to some and not others, and some people are going to like your personality and some just aren’t.  

So, if we are always looking outside of ourselves for validation of who you are, you may be showing up as a different people everyday.  Because if one person likes you this way, you have to be that way, and what if another person likes you a completely different way. It will get exhausting!

Now, seriously look at yourself, are you likable to you?  A good way to look at this would be put together a list of what you like in other people, and then look at it and say is this me. Because if it’s not, you may have difficulties liking yourself. Remember our goal here is to have self esteem and confidence. Just to get you started here is a list of qualities I like in other people.

Qualities I Like In Others:

  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • Humble
  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Kind
  • Positive

These are just a few qualities that I would like in others. Now, this gives me something to work with. I take a look at this list and see the areas I need to work on.  Because if I like these qualities in others and I don’t see them in myself, well then, there is a problem. I’m going to have a tough time loving myself, feeling confident and having self esteem.

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