Self-esteem Quiz for Teens from My Feet Aren’t Ugly, A Girl’s Guide To Loving Herself From The Inside Out.

Your daughter is thriving in school, has an active social life and seems to shine no matter what she does. She surely has great self-esteem, doesn’t she?

Self-esteem can be tricky to understand. While it might seem like a teen who is doing great has equally great self-esteem, this isn’t always the case.

My Feet Aren't Ugly Book

Sometimes, the teens who are the most confident in the way they look have the lowest self-esteem. These teens might place an inappropriate amount of value on physical appearance but feel worthless deep down. They could seem like they are thriving but crash into depression because of a bad hair day, an acne breakout or a little bit if weight gain. Basing self-worth on physical attributes is never a good thing.

The same could be said for academics. If you’ve always praised your child for being smart, and they have maintained their grades and focus throughout school, they might feel confident in that ability but not others. Most teens haven’t developed the self-awareness required to realize how they feel about themselves in various areas of their lives. For a little help, you and your teen can do this self-esteem quiz together.

Self-esteem Quiz

1. You are talking with some friends and one of them starts talking
badly about a person you know who isn’t very nice to people. You:

a. Tell your friend about a time that person did something really horrible to someone.
b. Get mad and walk away.
c. Think really hard about something that person did that was nice and tell your friends.
d. Just don’t join in.

2. Your girlfriend has a boyfriend who is really cute. He is flirting with you and asks if you want to do something after school. You:

a. Tell him you will meet him after school, but only as friends.
b. Throw your milkshake in his face and start screaming about how horrible he is.
c. Tell him you’re not interested in him and that he is not being a good boyfriend to your girlfriend, and tell your girlfriend.
d. Laugh because you are embarrassed. You don’t really give him an answer.

3. You didn’t study for a math test, and you are sitting next to someone who always gets As. You can see her paper. If you want to stay on the honor roll, you need a B on the test. There’s a question you don’t know. You:

a. Just quickly glance at the girl’s paper to get an idea of what the answer might be.
b. Give it your best guess and hope it’s right.
c. Look at her paper and write the answer a little differently.
d. Don’t give it a shot. Leave it blank.

4. You have a project in biology that you started. It’s due tomorrow, but your friends want you to go to the movies. You:

a. Blow off the project and go to the movies, telling yourself it won’t affect your grade that badly.
b. Stay home and give the project the attention it needs even if it means staying up late.
c. Rush through the project so that you can go to the movie too.
d. Stay home to do your project. You are so upset that you’re not at the movies you can’t concentrate, but you try to do the best you can.

5. You are at a friend’s house after school, and she brings out a dozen chocolate-chip cookies to snack on. You:

a. Eat one or two cookies and don’t worry about it.
b. Pig out on six cookies. You are starving.
c. Eat as many cookies as you want, because you are really skinny.
d. Get upset with yourself because you know you can’t have one. You ate too many sweets yesterday. Say, “No thanks.”

6. You haven’t exercised for two weeks. You:

a. Tell yourself you are a lazy person a hundred times to make sure you don’t ever do that again.
b. Realize that sometimes your schedule and life make it hard for you to exercise and just start back up with the exercise program.
c. Work out three times a day for five days to make up for the time lost, and never let it happen again.
d. Know that because you are young, your body won’t be affected that badly, and work out when you can.

7. You know a friend keeps saying mean things behind your back. You:

a. Give her the cold shoulder until she figures it out.
b. Confront her, telling her you will no longer be able to be her friend if she doesn’t stop.
c. Tell her you need to stop being her friend because she is saying bad things about you.
d. Just realize that no one is perfect and love her for who she is.

8. Your friend tells you she doesn’t like the pants you are wearing. You:

a. Agree with her because you want her to like you.
b. Tell her you like the pants. That’s why you bought them, and that it’s okay if she doesn’t like them. She doesn’t have to wear them.
c. Think maybe she is right and give the pants to Goodwill.
d. Get a little upset at her but avoid saying anything and keep wearing the pants.

Self-esteem Quiz Scoring

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8
a. =0 =0 =0 =0 =3 =0 =1 =1
b. =1 =1 =3 =3 =0 =3 =3 =3
c. =3 =3 =1 =1 =1 =1 =2 =0
d. =2 =2 =2 =2 =2 =2 =0 =2

  • If you scored 0–4: You have some work to do. Your self-esteem is nowhere to be found.
  • If you scored 5–10: Your self-esteem is low and suffering but not hopeless. Keep reading.
  • If you scored 11–20: You have a good start on your self-esteem. After reading this book, I bet it will improve. Keep working on it. You’re doing great.
  • If you scored 21–24: WOW! You have great self-esteem. Keep practicing to keep it intact.

When you finish the quiz and determine that self-esteem might be lacking, it’s time to sit down and have a discussion. The goal is to help our children discover their unique gifts while still maintaining balance. No one is special because of just one thing. Maybe your scholastic genius also happens to have great rhythm on the dance floor. Maybe your teen daughter is excellent at hair, makeup, and fashion, but she’s also a speed reader who secretly burns through 40 books a year. Whatever your child’s strengths and weaknesses are, you can help expand and develop them. In time, this will help improve their sense of self-worth.

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