Teenage Self Esteem

Teaching that Teen Self Esteem Shouldn’t Be Based on Looks Teenage Self Esteem

The confidence that a young woman develops as a teen could carry her through the rest of her life. As a parent, you might be wondering how you can encourage such confidence in a world of Instagram perfection. With so much focus on looks, how can you get your teen to understand that she’s more than just a pretty face?

Find the Balance Between Acceptance and Improvement

It’s natural for teens to want to improve themselves, but the motivation shouldn’t come from a place of self-hatred. If your daughter wants to get fit, work on improving her skin or make any other physical change, encourage her, but step in if you notice her self-talk becoming increasingly negative.

Point Out Attractive Qualities

Teen self esteem shouldn’t be centered around physical appearance, but unfortunately, it’s a huge issue for most girls. It’s true that people with physical features that most consider attractive tend to have an edge in life, but there are so many other qualities that can be admired.

Whenever you see an opportunity, point out attractiveness in people who don’t necessarily have supermodel-perfect looks. For example, you might see an elderly woman with beautiful sparkling eyes or an overweight man with a nice smile.

Be a Good Example

You can preach confidence all day long, but if your daughter sees you refusing to leave the house without makeup, that’s the real message that you’ll send. If you want your daughter to be confident, you’ll need to begin working through your own issues. That’s easier said than done, of course. Luckily, it’s something the two of you can work on together.

The next time you’re makeup free, look at yourself in the mirror and notice how beautiful you are. Most women focus on their imperfections, but you can train your brain to think differently.

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